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Pacer Walking Poles

Pacer Walking Poles

I’ve never used walking poles before as I didn’t find them natural, however a trip to the Lakes last year I did briefly try a pair and whilst not instantly sold on the idea I did see benefits on ascents/decents and more so trying to cross streams. I cant see that Id ever use them on the flat, but time will tell.

The pair I tried were the Pacer Poles, which have a “revolutionary” handle which changes the way in which they support your wrist, I found these more comfortable than others Id held, although Ive not used any for any period of time, and Ive just taken delivery of a pair of the alloy variety, weighing in at 650g. The carbon version are a little more pricey and a little lighter.

Pacer Poles

Trying to make walking poles look 'sexy'. Not easy.


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Managed to get a boxed set of the BBC Wainwright Walks series for £20 this week, which includes the two Wainwright Walks series and the Coast to Coast and Railway Walks series. I wasnt as taken by the latter as I was the other three as the scenery wasnt as captivating but its a great boxed set.

The production of all of the series are fantastic and they are great to watch this time of year as plans are being made for the coming year. I even have them on my iphone to enable me to watch them on the train en route to the lakes.

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