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Time to get away !

Well Ive found myself out of work for the first time in 20 years and am currently on ‘gardening leave’ for the next couple of months. Its an odd situation to be in and Im currently looking for a new job and had a number of calls already but in the meantime think its certainly an opportunity not to be missed and am looking on a 2 or 3 night backpacking trip in the next few weeks.

Ideally Id look at the Lakes but common sense is nagging that I shouldnt be spending too much money with my current situation and its fairly pricey to get up there. The alternative is somewhere down south and as Ive mentioned before ┬áthe favourite is the South Downs Way and Im currenlty looking at a walk along from Brighton – Beachy Head area.

The only issue I can see with the walk is a lack of campsites along the route and I certainly dont want to be using B&B’s as the cost of them would negate the reason for not heading north. I know of a campsite in Alfriston and in the Seven Sisters Country Park but none to the west, so Ill be having a look at options there. Ill be checking the Backpackers Club listed sites and hopefully they will have plenty of places to pitch the tent along the way.


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Itchy feet

Well after two recent trips to the Lakes I’d had my fill for a little while, but now Im getting itchy feet again and starting to look longingly at my boots in the corner and the tents piled in the cupboard.

Question is where and when to do something ?

The next big trip wont be until September so I need to look a little closer to home and somewhere in the south east and the South Downs look tempting again. I may look to do a 2 or 3 night backpack some time in the next few weeks, although weekends are at a premium at the moment.

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