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After looking through a number of blogs etc I came across Expedition foods and bought a few meals for the coming summer, porridge for the mornings and Beef dishes for later with custard puddings for afterwards. Haven’t yet tasted them but anything better than babyfood will be a bonus !


Expedition Foods

I had two options for cooking / boiling, either the MSR Pocket Rocket or the Jetboil Personal Cooking System. The Pocket Rocket is easily the more compact and lighter and normally that would be the selling point however I like the way the jetboil works and opted for that in the end. I did purchase an add on to turn the stove into a standard stove just in case I needed that in the future. I do think Ill end up getting the Pocket Rocket at some stage anyway for when I need to reclaim the space the Jetboil will take in the sack.



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