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So much for making plans, I had originally planned to walk south-east from Keswick over Walla Crag and up to High Seat, however the day was so clear and lacking wind Skiddaw looked too tempting.


The route...

I set out at 10am and after forgetting any kind of food and having to go back I set off through Keswick and took the tourist path around the base of Latrigg and to the Gale Road car park before starting the climb up to Skiddaw. Whilst the route to the base of skiddaw was nice, it was extremely icy and tough going and Im not sure the 2.3miles it added each way was worth it and ultimately left me without enough daylight go get to Skiddaw’s summit.

The weather was fantastic and yet again the waterproofs stayed packed and all that was needed for most of the day was a base layer and fleece, although gloves did come on now and again.

The initial climb, which takes you up to 2,000 feet was steep but straight forward although the snow did keep me focused on where I was putting my feet. The views back over Derwent water were incredible and got better every step higher I climbed. Once Id reached the top the walk levels out (around 2000 feet) and the twin summits of Skiddaw Little Man come into view and the walk through the snow whilst taking in the views south was pretty special. The climb to the Lesser Man summit was in snow around 10 inches deep and despite plenty of walkers doing it before me it still required some wading but the view from the summit, and then the Little Man summit shortly after was incredible with views of Scotland to the north, the Irish sea to the west and most of Lakeland from all the southern aspects.

What made the whole time special is that I had the Little Man summit to myself for most of the time as most people had either turned back home or were on Skiddaw.

The walk was 4.3 miles each way and I got back to Keswick around 4pm at which point it was dark, Id like to repeat the walk in the spring taking in the Skiddaw summit and taking a different route for the descent to see a little more of the area.

More pics of the weekend here


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